Case Vacanze Bellavista is located on a white stone terrace that overlooks the sea of Porto
Empedocles, just 10 km from Agrigento. The breathtaking views of Bellavista comes to embrace a large part of the coast of Agrigento starting from the golden beaches of fine sand in Porto Empedocle. The little town in which lives Inspector Montalbano, character born from the pen of the writer Andrea Camilleri who calls "Vigata" the real town of Porto Empedocle.

Breathtaking view of the blue sea makes a wonderful mix with the green of the grass on which stands the hotel. The residence was built with eco-sustainable materials, oriented to respect environment and save energy. All electricity needed for the functioning of the hotel is generated with photovoltaic panels placed on the roofs of the apartements.

From Case Vacanze Bellavista it is possible get to the beach using the stairs located in front of the apartments.



"The apartments"

Case Vacanze Bellavista has 28 apartments of different types suitable both for families and couples

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We designed other areas for your comfort and relax. The green grass lawn in front of th

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